About Us

Born from the need to fill a gap in the western region of Victoria, The Bop is designed to be a supportive, cooperative group of artists and creatives. We provide opportunities for local artists to promote themselves both within and outside our region. The BOP is a registered not for profit co-op, and our artists are spread across all disciplines. Providing a safe place for creation, learning, and inspiration.

Samantha Thompson (Visual artist) came together with like mined individuals in May 2016, to create The BOP.  Being a Golden Plains based professional artist, Samantha acknowledged the lack of creative and artistic opportunities in this region. Despite the area having many professional full time artist's and countless hobby artist's, the region lacked any continual and professionally run artistic endeavors. Artists are forced to send work away from this region to larger cities, further thinning the already minimal artistic presence.

Kat Christie an art teacher and long time artist,  is a powerhouse of creative ideas and support, and in 2017 she became a director along side Samantha. The BOP looks for opportunities within the community to expose the arts, not just in a traditional art on walls in a gallery setting, but also in the public arena. We want art to be seen everywhere and to surround everyone. Not just promoting existing creatives but future ones as well. Art deserves to be more than a decoration it deserves to be an identity, an attraction bringing visitors to the region and creating a better economy.

We work to provide the creatives of this region, opportunities to display and perform. Hoping to one day create a network within our artists, as a collective, to tour and exhibit in other cities and countries. If you are passionate about the arts and would like to help in any way, be that a business looking to provide sponsorship, or an individual that would like to offer some time, please come along to one of our regular meetings to see how you can get involved.